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World Golf Tour Signs Neutron 4.0 Multiplayer Service

Exit Games announces that World Golf Tour has signed on to use the company's core product Neutron 4.0. Neutron connects gamers across mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-PC platforms, and is a leading turn-key solution for the development and deployment of mobile multiplayer games and cross-platform gaming environments. Neutron 4.0 will be supporting PC-to-PC connectivity for World Golf Tour, a new add-on to its core functionality.

As the first professional HD-quality online golf game, World Golf Tour is leveraging its own proprietary technology in concert with Neutron's cross-platform capabilities to facilitate players gathering from around the globe to play online golf, competing head-to-head in weekly and annual championship tournaments. Exit Games Neutron acts as the multiplayer platform within the game, providing numerous community features including invitation matchmaking, buddy lists, as well as high score and leader boards, among others. With its customizable game and community servers, Neutron additionally offers tailored multiplayer features, such as tracking of other players and team-building functions.

The goal of the World Golf Tour is to promote the game of Golf to a broader audience and introduce it in a realistic online format; accessible to adults of all ages, skill levels and locations.
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